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Personal Information
Gender Female
Occupation undisclosed
Home with her family
Acting Information
Actor Lisa Cerasoli
First Appearance Road Trip
Last Appearance The Inner Sense (Part 2)
Total Episodes 3


Zoe is a young woman Jarod meets up in the episode Road Trip after he has finished a pretend as a stock analyst. She appeared to be in trouble and Jarod as usual wanted to help so he tried to help her. They end up spending an "amazing" 48 hours together in which Jarod meets her family and "pretends" for her so that her grandma can feel proud of her. Zoe is really lost and scared because of her illness and Jarod helps Zoe find her way "home" in this episode all about home.

Zoe is kidnapped by Mr. Cox in the episode The Inner Sense (Part 2) and used as a bargaining chip to get Jarod to surrender, but she is rescued by Jarod's father, Major Charles.



Zoe is very close to her grandmother, wants her grandma to be proud of her and to see her happy. Zoe's grandmother knows the truth about why Zoe has distanced herself from the family.

Twin Katie

Zoe's identical twin Katie died after an accidental fall over a cliff that Zoe dared her to climb up. Zoe blames herself for her twin's death and thinks it should have been her, Zoe who had died, because her twin, Katie was the perfect one.

Sister, Linda

Zoe has one older sister Linda, whom she does not care for very much, and it is evident why, because Linda has barely welcomed home the prodigal Zoe when she cannot wait to start boasting of her husband's achievements. Zoe makes peace with her sister though for the sake of family when she goes home finally to stay.


Before meeting Jarod, Zoe had been on the run from an abusive relationship with a policeman named Vince. Vince was physically abusive to Zoe and one day she took the courage to leave him, and did just that. On her way out of that past life, she runs into Jarod and they spend an amazing two days together.


  • Jarod, you scare me.
  • Drama queen's not my style. (About her illness)
  • Distilled to its most basic essence, it's loading up on junk food, cranking the radio, and just drivin'. (Describing a road trip)

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