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December 24
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Hi name is Christy. I live in United States. I am also known as Trulyapretender in The Pretender fan sites in U.S (regions). I rejoin this wiki on June 25, 2012 before that my username here was Trulyapretender28fan, but on my old computer crash taking my account info with it for access for here. I willing to help out with any info and I'm a very creative person when I got the right tools to use or need.

I always been a Pretender fans and even though it's not air anywhere. I still believe that would someday there will be 3rd movie to help the story left from the final TV film, The Pretender: Island of the Haunted.

Also I am the founder of yahoo group's pretender-brigade and pretender shippers fanfics

I have [[Special:Editcount/Christy32|Special:Editcount/Christy32]] contributions since June 25, 2012 on The Pretender Wiki

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Personal Notes

I prefer to use source mode (code) to see what I editing or creating before using the visual mode to see it. I like to protected wiki from vandalism, copyright and bad editing (which I had seen where yet). I happen also be creative and fairly good at templates.

I believe everyone should be able to contribute without being fear for bullying or verbal abuse. No one is perfect and we should respect them.

I'm a major supporter for Diabetes Awareness and finding a cure someday as I am one.

Also, sorry I don't have Twitter page.

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I attend to use speech recognition software, but it can't always pick up my voice. I use it due to my fingers be tender after picking my finger as a result of taken my blood sugar for so long. I'm a major supporter for Diabetes Awareness and finding a cure someday.

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