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The Pretender
Unhappy Landings
  Season 1
Episode # 1.18
Airdate April 26, 1997
Writer(s) Story by: Terri Treas & Michael Zand
Teleplay by: Juan Carlos Coto, Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Lawrence Meyers
Director(s) James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest star(s) Cody
Jarod's Honor
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Unhappy Landings is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Pretender. This episode is responsible for introducing a new character to the series, Kyle, who is a pretender like Jarod. It first aired on April 26, 1997 on NBC in the United States.


Jarod impersonates a U.S. Marshal in order to discover the whereabouts of a key witness in a narcotraffic case.


This episode opens with a scene in which a man and a group of U.S. Marshals assigned to protect him are travelling by plane. One of the federal agents, "Marshal Cody", is then revealed to be Jarod under disguise.

The man being protected summarizes the episode's case to "Cody". A few weeks before, James "Jimmy" Rayford, an important witness on a narcotraffic case against the Ariana Cartel, perpetrated an unbelievable getaway during a plane transfer. Subsequently, Jimmy's partner Eugene Diggs (another witness) also disappeared. If Eugene doesn't testify in three days, the drug lords will end up free.

Later that day, Jarod watches a videotape which shows his own young self demanding to meet Kyle, another pretender child experimented by The Centre.

In the present day, Jarod receives a phone call from the U.S. Marshals. They tell him that Diggs wants to talk to them. Although the agents are able to make contact with Eugene, he strongly refuses to testify and runs away when the Marshals try to take him under arrest.

Jarod watches a second video footage, which features his child version talking to Sydney and insisting on being presented to Kyle. Sydney claims to have no authority to do so. In response, young Jarod expresses being tired of not having any friends.

At the present day Centre, Miss Parker asks Broots to help her find more information about the children who were rescued from The Centre by Catherine (Miss Parker's mother). She believes it will bring a light to Catherine's murder. Meanwhile, Sydney confesses to his psychologist his anger towards Mr. Raines. He also talks to her about not trusting most part of The Centre staff and even reveals that he possesses a firearm.

Back to Jarod's adventure, Diggs is convinced to testify after he is found and reunited with his wife by the pretender. Additionaly, Jarod discovers that Jimmy Rayford was murdered and his getaway was actually staged by a dirty U.S. Marshal who works for the cartel and intends to kill Eugene soon. Concurrently, Miss Parker tracks Dara, a woman who is one of the rescued children, but finds out Dara has suspiciously died during a very simple surgery some time before.

Meanwhile, Eugene's corrupt lawyer and the dirty Marshal plot together to explode the airplane in which Diggs is being transfered. However, Jarod is able to prevent such attack, so both antagonists are arrested as usual and Eugene is now free to testify.

In the third and last videotape, young Sydney says: "Jarod has expressed his inability to complete the simulation without another pretender. As a result, I've convinced a colleague to establish new parameters to The Pretender Program." Then, Jarod and Kyle finally meet and befriend each other.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Cindy Pickett as Dr. Shafton
  • Michael Harney as Agent Bob Garrison
  • Moira Walley as Karen Michaels
  • Marisa Ryan as Helen Diggs
  • Brad Gregg as Eugene Diggs
  • Pepper Sweeney as Agent Lane
  • Johnny Williams as Man of a Thousand Faces

Featuring Stars (Cast)

  • Joseph Fuqua as Jimmy Rayford
  • Gregory J. Barnett as Pilot


  • U.S. Marshal


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