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Thomas Gates
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 36
Occupation Carpenter
Date of Birth July 5, 1962
Date of Death May 8, 1999
Acting Information
Actor Jason Brooks
First Appearance The Assassin
Last Appearance Wake Up
'Til Death Do Us Part (archive footage)

Thomas Gates is a recurring character portrayed by Jason Brooks


Thomas Michael Gates aka Tommy was a carpenter who met Miss Parker at rural gas station. He fixed her house and made some inroads in her heart.

Tommy made Miss Parker happy for a brief time, but was brutally murdered in Wake Up before he had a chance to get her to leave The Centre and go to Oregon with him. Jarod knew Tommy, and helped Miss Parker deal with his untimely passing.

In 'Til Death Do Us Part, Miss Parker tracks Tommy's murderer who turns out to be Brigitte hired by The Centre, who just happened to be on the run herself at the time and pregnant with supposedly Mr. Parker's baby.



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