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<div style="text-align:center; font-family: OCR A Extended; font-size:200%;">'''''Welcome to The Pretender Wiki!'''''</div>

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The Pretender Wiki is a collaborative website about The Pretender. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. Check out Help to get started!

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This site was started in September 13, 2008 and currently includes 1,228 pages and 230 articles.

Meet the Main Cast of The Pretender Wiki

Miss Parker

New on The Pretender Wiki
  • New things that are happening on the wiki: Episode listing/guide is being completed, New Background, Partial new layout on main page (The Pretender Wiki), The Pretender - Awards and Nominations
  • Now in enable for use for User's Chat and Forum
Help Build the Wiki
  • New contributors needed to help with episode summaries etc...all fans of The Pretender are welcome to contribute.

To write a new The Pretender Wiki article, enter the page title in the box below.

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New articles: Bloodlines (Part 2), Harve Presnell, Bulletproof, Red Rock Jarod, Survival, Donoterase (Part 1), Qallupilluit, Wake Up, Anniversary, Toy Surprise, Mr. Lyle, Season 4, Miss Parker

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The Centre wants him alive.




Miss Parker Miss Parker 7 March 2014

Saving Luke official cover has been chosen & other news

The votes are in and have been tallied. Thanks to all the fans who participated in the voting! A cover has been selected in the Saving Luke Cover Poll.

The winning design is the one labeled B: Burnt..…

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 25 February 2014

Vote for Saving Luke official cover!

The time has come for fans to weigh in on cover art for Saving Luke, the next The Pretender novel. Click the link and cast your votes for your favorite designs! Deadline is March 5th. You can vote on…

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 15 January 2014

Shorty Awards Nominations links

These are some direct links to help you submit nominations for tP cast/crew/fansites etc. Once you click the link, follow the three easy steps as numbered in the graphic above (red arrows) to submit …

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