The Pretender Wiki

COMING SOON - Under Construction, but current rules

This page is, essentially, a set of rules that are set and expected to be followed as long as you participate.

Admin Policy

  • Any admin here who hasn't logged in or last edited in 60 days or more will have their admin right remove, they may ask for them back, especially if they don't think should in charge and share. Anyone with Bureaucrat may be excluded.

General Policy

  • Ask the admin first about makes any major changes that to a character, episode or other pages of articles.
  • Use reliable sources for information. Ask if the website you got the info is reliable.

Page Policy

  • Make should all information that is in character's or episode pages must be written in the user's own words and will be reviewed by admin to see if been copyright, if it is it will be removed. No copy and pasting information taken from other sites.
  • No copying from Pretender fans such Lois' Daily Planet for recaps but can be listed external link on episodes.

Image Policy

  • All images upload must include license tag that will properly display on Image page, if not licensed are subject to deletion. (see Image Policy tags)
  • Do not upload images from Tumblrs, Seriable, Fanpop or Blog/Billiards. Just because rename it still isn't allowed.
  • Don't upload images from Pretender fansites, because they may have reserved the copyright to the image.
  • No name images with less the 5 characters.
  • All images upload will be check to see if taken from somewhere else.
  • No taken images from Lois' Daily Planet or The Pretender Centre (transcript page or their gallery). You will get one warning, if repeat. you will be banned for one week, if continued it will be longer.