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The Pretender Wiki is a collaborative Wikia site and a reference guide for the television series The Pretender and the reboot of the series though novels and graphic novels, begun in 2013 with the release of The Pretender Rebirth.

This English-language Wikia format allows you or anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a better wiki site. Check out Help to get started! The Pretender Wiki also now has a Facebook account and have a newly made forum at Proboards called The Pretender Wiki Board

There are currently two Admins/Bureaucrat that being Christy32 and Wanderer23. Plus, there is only one admin Miss Parker. Please comment in our forum or write a blog post .

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This site was started on September 13, 2008 and currently includes 1,248 pages and 230 articles.

Meet the Main Cast of The Pretender

Miss Parker

New on The Pretender Wiki

  • New things that are happening on the wiki: We're now an official Data Annex, a fansite approved by Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle!
  • As an official Data Annex, we are leading the newest fan campaign (see banner to the right) to nominate The Pretender personalities, fansites and fake accounts for 2013 Shorty Awards.
  • Episode listing/guide is being completed, New Background, Partial new layout on the main page (The Pretender Wiki), The Pretender - Awards and Nominations
  • Now enabled for use is the User's Chat and Forum section.
  • Coming soon Pretender Wiki guidelines. So no remove pages or renamed at this time.

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Data Annex is an official designation for The Pretender fan sites that are approved by The Pretender creators, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle. These websites are designated official Data Annexes and display the official Data Annex button.


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New contributors needed to help with episode summaries, etc...all fans of The Pretender are welcome to contribute.

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