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The Pretender television film
"The Pretender 2001"
Airdate January 22, 2001
Writer(s) Steven Long Mitchell
Craig W. Van Sickle
Director(s) Frederick King Keller
Previous The Inner Sense (Part 2) (episode)
Next The Pretender: Island of the Haunted (TV film)

The Pretender 2001, also called Pretender 2001 was the first of the two The Pretender TV movies and aired on TNT (Turner Network Television).


Jarod and Ethan both survive the underground explosion, while Mr. Parker is MIA. A mystery man from Jarod's and The Centre's past is revealed in this story of an assassination plot against NSA's deepest undercover spies (Bosnian Labour Leader, a Russian Diplomat, an Irish Priest, an Arab Oil Minister and a Swedish Ambassador) in a replication of a Centre simulation, taking on personas of a Bosnian General, an Arab Sheik, an IRA militia fighter and a Russian pilot in effect being a Chameleon. The assassinations were aimed in the Chameleon's words to 'affect someone important to your world.' The clues left by the Chameleon are evidently intended to inculcate Jarod who joined the team of federal investigators to help solve the assassinations. Jarod and Alex come face to face in a showdown at the opera house, but Alex escapes when federal agents track Jarod to the Opera house and hinder him from following Alex. Jarod tracks Alex down to the place where he had kept Mr. Parker hostage, interrupting his conversation with Miss Parker whom he was telling secrets about her paternity. Jarod chases after Alex and when Alex slipped off a crane, he refused to let Jarod save him choosing instead a watery grave, though no body was found as far as Miss Parker knows. Raines sent a cryptic email to both Miss Parker and Jarod: a photo of their moms together.



Miss Parker: Everything about my family is weird.

Miss Parker: I guess everyone's family is weird in their own way.

Mr. Lyle: We've all heard of your imagination running wild since the 'big bang.'

Broots: You harvested Mr. Raines' thumb?

Miss Parker: Just can't trust a man with a stolen thumb.

Jarod: I did my homework.

Sydney: I hear a child desperately looking for his mother.

Sydney: But not everyone can hear like you.

Jarod: They didn't play that where I went to school.

Alex: You have to know what game you are playing before you can win anything.

Alex: In fact you have no idea how important to your life she really is.

Raines: We're even now my children.


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