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The Pretender: Saving Luke
Author Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W. Van Sickle
Publication date May, 2014
Published by Telemachus Press (The Centre Universe)
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Pretender: Rebirth Book 1
Followed by
The Pretender Book 3

The Pretender: Saving Luke (Book Two) is a TV show/drama novel by The Pretender creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, the second of a promised series of novels answering questions left unanswered in The Pretender TV series. It is the second of its kind to be produced by The Pretender creators and is only recently released, therefore there are as yet no awards, or notable adaptations. The major themes of the novel are again related to the main character of The Pretender TV series, Jarod and his quest to find the young boy Luke, introduced in the first novel, Rebirth as well as his continuing quest for his family, and the hunt for him by The Centre, led by Miss Parker and Sydney.


The plot of Saving Luke diverges significantly from any episode of The Pretender unlike Rebirth which vaguely resembles the Pilot episode, although there are some elements which could be said to be inherently similar. Several new characters were unveiled for Rebirth and these are also part of Saving Luke in which Jarod begins in earnest his plan to save Luke from his captors and return him to his family. Luke was revealed to have been captured by the Libyan named Kaj in Rebirth, with O'Quinn as part of that plotline.

Major themes

The major themes of the novel are as in Rebirth, discovery, retribution, innocence. The themes are based on the plot, Jarod and also on the other characters in the novel, Miss Parker and Sydney.

Development history

Publication history

  • 2014, USA, (publisher ISBN TBA), 11 May 2014, paperback, Kindle ebook

Explanation of the novel's title

The novel is titled "Saving Luke" because of Jarod's search to find and save the young boy Luke who was taken from his parents as revealed in the first novel The Pretender: Rebirth. It is probably no coincidence (as Miss Parker would say, "Coincidence ain't in The Centre dictionary.") that the initials Saving Luke are SL which also means a sub-level in The Centre.

Literary significance and reception

The novel Saving Luke will be the second novel by The Pretender creators and as it continues a new story in the chronicles of Jarod was eagerly anticipated by fans of The Pretender TV series ever since the announcement of the return of The Pretender in May 2013 and the publication of the first novel in the series of promised novels.

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