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The Pretender television film
"The Pretender: Island of the Haunted"
Airdate December 10, 2001
Writer(s) Steven Long Mitchell
Craig W. Van Sickle
Director(s) Frederick King Keller
Last name (s) Dodson
Previous The Pretender 2001

The Pretender: Island of the Haunted was the second of the two The Pretender TV movies that premiered on TNT in 2001.


Set in the time following the first TV movie, this one opens with Jarod finishing up a job as an ArchaeoSymbologist. He had been continuing to seek his mother when clues to her whereabouts leads him to the eerie island of Carthis in Scotland where he forges an unlikely alliance with Miss Parker who has followed him there. Together they uncover the location of the scrolls that are so coveted by the Centre only to have them taken from their hands. Jarod is briefly captured but escapes and remains on the run.



Main Cast

  • Conrad Coates as Adama
  • Diana Leblanc as Ocee
  • John Bourgeois as Brother Menenicus
  • Jack Langedijk as Brother Rinaldus
  • Julian Richings as Brother Clote
  • Dean McKenzie as A Triumvirate Sweeper
  • Chloe Randle Reis as Angel Parker aka Little Miss Parker, Cryptkeeper's Daughter

Uncredited Cast

  • Sam Ayers as Sam the Sweeper
  • Glenn Bang as Mr. Parker's Doctor
  • Neil Crone as Owner, The Alley Sports Bar
  • Kim Myers as Jarod's mother
  • Frank McAnulty as Brother Theo


  • Miss Parker: You run I chase, just like always.
  • Miss Parker: I know they still want you back.
  • Jarod: And the first one to find the answers, wins.
  • Miss Parker: Sydney please, just do it!
  • Miss Parker: Thank you Broots, but this is one mystery I have to solve myself.
  • Miss Parker: Weather updates I don't. Answers I do.
  • Miss Parker: Vespasians speak of no visitors here. God be with you.
  • Broots: Not to sound cynical or anything, but has anybody seen that little kid lately?
  • Ocee: Not intruder, you're the seeker.
  • Raines: You took my thumb.
  • Raines: A digit is the least I could give you for the favor I'm about to ask.
  • Ocee: Sight may come from one's eyes, but the vision comes from one's heart.
  • Ocee: She was searching for the scrolls of course.



  • Youtube video:

The Pretender Island Of The Haunted part 1 of 10

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