The Pretender
The Inner Sense (Part 1)
  Season 4
Episode # 4.19
Airdate May 13, 200
Writer(s) Craig W. Van Sickle
Steven Long Mitchell
Director(s) Frederick K. Keller
Corn Man
The Inner Sense (Part 2)
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The Inner Sense (Part 1) is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of The Pretender which first aired May 13, 2000 on NBC in the United States.

The is part one of what would be two-part series finale.



Main Cast

Guest Stars



Miss Parker: Except for this Scotch-induced earthquake rattling between my ears, I'm not sure what to believe.

Miss Parker: Versatile guy, that Raines. Beats 'em, births 'em, slices and dices.

Miss Parker: We do a little exploratory surgery of our own. See how remorseful our Dr. Death really is.

Miss Parker: Oh but you should! It's a regular Freaks R Us down there.

Miss Parker: But is it common knowledge that my mother's body isn't in her grave.

Mr. Parker: My daughter is searching for a ghost, my son is searching for a monster. Last one alive wins. Mmm?

Angelo: Secrets and lies, secrets and lies.

Angelo: Illusions are real.

Angelo: Sydney knows all the secrets and lies.

Miss Parker: Then give me one good reason not to blow your Flemish brains out.

Catherine Parker: She's my gift from God. I don't know how to save her without causing her this pain.

Jarod: I have a brother.

Miss Parker: I have a brother? Jarod and I share a brother?

Raines: I'm your father now.

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