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The Pretender TV movies premiered on Turner Network Television (TNT) in January and December, 2001. The movies were filmed after fan pressure in response to cancellation of the series after the last episode of Season 4 induced producers and creators to bring back The Pretender to television.

The movies were released on DVD for Region 1 on March 13, 2007 by 20th Century Fox and were also released for Region 4 on December 14th, 2004 and Region 2 on September 16, 2008.

The Movies: 2001

Movie title (original air date)

The Pretender 2001 (January 22, 2001)
The Pretender: Island of the Haunted (December 10, 2001)


After the airing of the final episode of Season 4, NBC abruptly announced the TV series The Pretender would be cancelled. Fans launched a concerted response, flooding NBC's in-box with emails in protest. NBC relented and began talks with the show's creators, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle to negotiate one final wrap-up movie. TNT had already expressed interest at the time and offered two TV movies with the possibility of two more. The choice was clear, and TNT won out with their offer. The movies were filmed back to back but aired almost a year apart on TNT.

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The possibility of a further continuation to the series no longer hangs in the air. A recent announcement by the TV series' creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle on May 25th, 2013 on Facebook and confirmed in a video interview on July 19th, 2013 states they have plans for a return of The Pretender in several ways. This validates the faith fans had in the return, after a long dearth of no news since 2007 when an interview with the SciFi channel was published at their forum in which Steven Long Mitchell had stated that they (Craig and Steven) know fans still want more and promised something digital soon.

Creators, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle have stated that there will be first a series of novels, then graphic novels, then maybe some Jason Bourne-type movies, and a Netflix series was also mentioned. News of the announcement has brought many fans online back to the fandom, their enthusiasm fueled by responses from The Pretender creators Steven and Craig to their many questions. Steven and Craig both have Twitter accounts and an official Facebook page where they have been posting sneak peeks of the first novel, Rebirth.

The July 19th video interview of the announcement of The Pretender return is available at Questions from fans and answers by Steve and Craig (in 2013) have been archived at

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