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The Profiler


Drama, Crime


September 29, 1996 - July 1, 2000

No. of seasons


Crossovers with The Pretender

Season 3, ep 19 - Grand Master, sequel to End Game
Season 4, ep 10 - Clean Sweep, a sequel to Spin Doctor
Season 4, ep 18 - Pianissimo

Profiler is an NBC crime television series, that air after The Pretender and was made from September 29, 1996 to July 1, 2000 and shares the same universe with the Pretender series. The Profiler has had altogether five crossovers with The Pretender series, two of them are shown inside The Pretender, the other three are more within The Profiler universe and a part of the Profiler series as well.


Jarod works with two of the VCTF (Violent Crimes Task Force) forensic psychologists: Dr. Samantha "Sam" Waters, played by Ally Walker and Dr. Rachel Burke, played by Jamie Luner. He has gained some distrust with the team leader Bailey Malone, played by Robert Davi.


With Samantha, Jarod shares more of a friendship-like relationship, but with Rachel the relationship get's romantic.

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