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Pretend is a noun used to define Jarod's activities in each episode of The Pretender. In each episode, there was at least one pretend, where Jarod pretended to be someone else. Jarod's pretends were usually related to helping uncover truths to bring justice for persons who were denied it or to bring offenders to justice. These pretends were usually documented in Jarod's Red Notebooks. On a few occasions his pretends were done to strong-arm the Centre into giving him some information about his past. Sydney makes a point to emphasize in Pilot that Jarod does not masquerade, he pretends.

Jarod's pretends may be classified as minor or major based on whether his pretend was part of the main events within a given episode or whether it was just mentioned in passing. One example of this is in the episode Crazy, where Jarod mentions he was a psychiatrist.

"It's really very over-rated." Jarod

This pretend (as a psychiatrist) may be classified as a minor pretend since we do not see him in action pretending to be a psychiatrist except very briefly at the end of the episode.