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Pretender/Profiler crossover

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April 29, 2000


Cynthia Saunders, Jessica Abrams


Bill L. Norton

Guest star(s)

Michael T. Weiss

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Atlanta, Georgia; Washington D.C.

Matching Pretender season

Season 4

Pianissimo is eighteenth episode of season four of Profiler which first aired in April 29, 2000 on NBC in the United States. The episode is partially Pretender/Profiler crossover, because it is not preceeded by an episode of the Pretender, but if finishes a plot left open in the previous crossover episode Clean Sweep, where Jarod promises to return.


The case that VCTF is working on, is a murder of a young pianist, who was found in a piano, dead, and all of the internal organs (lungs, intestines) taken and burnt somewhere else.

Jarod comes to help Rachel, but not because of the case on hands, but because a man, Joel Marks, is harassing him, blaming her for ruining he’s career by publishing an


incriminating video, so he sends e-mails, calls and as it turns out, videotapes her. Jarod comes to help Rachel to figure out who stole the tape from her. Rachel is so upset over Marks that when Jarod first arrives, she almost shoots him. She wants that Jarod tells her everything, – of what he was running from, from he’s past etc - as he has previously promised to do, but Jarod is unable to share these things with her. Instead he ends up comforting Rachel; also he helps her with Marks’s e-mails that have kept her up the whole night.

Later he pretends to be a bureau’s IT guy, who does Kim’s (a woman who was shown previously to give information about the VCTF to Marks) computer sweep as she should change her location. Jarod and Rachel spend some time in Rachel’s apartment, where she tries to find out something from he’s mysterious past, instead of talking they end up having sex. In the next morning Jarod is gone, leaving only a message on table that it was Marks himself who stole the tape from Rachel’s apartment and published it.


Jarod pretends to agent Suils (?), doing Kim’s computer sweep.


It is believed, that Jarods initial feelings toward Rachel changed due to he's meeting with Zoe, in between the crossover episodes.


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