It was finally announced on July 19th, 2013 by The Pretender's creators Craig W. Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell that The Pretender is coming back.

That it will be reborn in three ways:

  • First, The Pretender will be reborn as a series of novels enabling us to delve much deeper into the characters’ hearts, minds, souls and lives in a revealing way that the limitations of a weekly TV series could never allow for. The first novel is titled Rebirth.
  • Second, add graphic novels to the mix, fleshing out even more provocative details of the early years of Jarod, Miss P, The Centre and so much more. All of which will lead to…
  • Third, live action – be it cable/broadcast TV, a Netflix model series and/or a series of Pretender feature films – The Pretender will be taken to a whole new level with familiar faces and new characters as well.
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