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William Raines
Personal Information
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Nicknames Dr. Billy
Acting Information
Actor Richard Marcus
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Dr. William Raines (commonly referred to as simply Mr. Raines) is an antagonist on The Pretender television series.


Dr. William Raines was the leader of several projects in the Centre, including the one called Red Files, which was responsible for shaping Jarod, Angelo, Kyle, Mr. Lyle, Miss Parker and 3 others; and Gemini, which created Jarod's clone. Known for the trademark squeaking of the wheels on his ever-present oxygen tank, Raines is one of the most feared people at the Centre.[1]


He was born Abel Parker, but was then adopted and raised by his foster parents, the Raines family.


  • Edna Raines - Raines's wife.
  • Annie Raines - Raines's beloved daughter who was kidnapped and murdered in 1975. Her aggressor, Douglas Willard, was tracked down by Jarod, although not in time to prevent Willard from taking her life.
  • Miss Parker - Raines is allegedly her real father, according to a discovery made by Broots in The Pretender: Island of the Haunted, the final TV movie. Parker and Raines used to share the same affection towards smoking, a habit which she discontinued mid-series.
  • Sydney - Sydney is a constant rivalry in almost every project - especially over Jarod -, mostly about which projects to use him and how.


It turns out later, in the films, that Dr. William Raines, is actually an alias, last name taken from the adoptive family (Raines) and his real name is Abel Parker and he is the brother of Mr. Parker.


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