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Mr. Parker
Personal Information
Gender Male
Occupation Centre Personnel
Presumed Deceased
Acting Information
Actor Harve Presnell
David Sawyer (Young Mr. Parker)
First Appearance Keys
Last Appearance The Pretender:Island of the Haunted

Mr. Parker is a supporting character on The Pretender.


Mr. Parker (unknown first name) is a supporting character in The Pretender. His role is to run The Centre, which means being boss to his daughter and getting her to bring Jarod back. He lost control of The Centre and was on the run for some time but in the end came back.

His loyalty to The Centre is unfailing, but his loyalty to his children is questionable.


Mr. Parker was the husband of Catherine Parker. With him, she bore two children, Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle. Together they also adopted a daughter named Faith, a young girl who was very ill when she came to Catherine's attention. They brought her to The Centre to try and cure her, but her illness was untreatable.

After Catherine supposedly died, Mr. Parker stayed single for a very long time, but eventually remarried. His second wife Brigitte gave him a son, known only as Baby Parker. The paternity of the child is suspect and has never been proven.


  • Miss Parker - Miss Parker grew up at The Centre in the shadow of her father and although she loves him fiercely and would do almost anything to protect him, she does not trust him completely.
  • Mr. Lyle - Mr. Parker disavows knowing of Mr. Lyle's twin birth with Miss Parker but embraces his son when he finds out who he really is. He appears willing to forgive all Mr. Lyle's past exploits in spite of his daughter's objections.
  • Brigitte - Brigitte is the operative who was first hired to kill Mr. Parker. He later forgives her and then marries her. Their relationship appears to be normal on the surface. She has a child that is presumed to be his but dies during childbirth. Mr. Parker showed no remorse or grief when she died however leaving no questions on the true nature of his feelings toward her.
  • William Raines - A colleague in The Centre and as is later revealed he is actually Mr. Parker's brother, Able Parker, who was adopted. It is also revealed that he may be the biological father of all the Parker children, because the evidence points to Mr. Parker being unable to have kids.


Life goes on. (On the death of Catherine.)
This seals it. (On the birth of Baby Parker)