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Mr. Lyle
Personal Information
Gender Male
Occupation Centre Personnel
Date of Birth January 3
Acting Information
Actor Jamie Denton
First Appearance Back From The Dead Again
Last Appearance The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Robert "Bobby" Bowman (usually referred to as Mr. Lyle) is one of the most relevant antagonists on The Pretender television series. Mr. Lyle, who is portrayed by American actor Jamie Denton, made his first appearance on the second season premiere, Back From The Dead Again.

The character's most noteworthy trademark is the absence of his left thumb, following its amputation by an Yakuza member during the course of the second season.


Episodes you need to watch for Mr. Lyle are from Season 2 onward, when he premiered.

In Back From The Dead Again, the episode in which he is introduced, Mr. Lyle is treated as an substitute for Mr. Parker, who had misteriously disappeared during the gap between Seasons 1 and 2. Miss Parker meets Lyle for the first time in her father's office, where she is also presented to Brigitte, a new Cleaner. He and Brigitte were supposedly hired by The Centre to help catch Jarod by mitigating Miss Parker's team's inefficiency.

Later at that episode, Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots discover a videotape which shows Mr. Lyle and Mr. Raines together doing a cruel nonconsensual experiment with Jarod, which consisted on taking the subject's life only to quickly resurrect him. After watching it, Miss Parker visits Raines and tries to force him to tell more about who Mr. Lyle really is, to which Raines reluctantly answers: "a boogeyman".

In Red Rock Jarod, Mr. Lyle kills Kyle (Jarod's brother) while attempting to shoot Jarod.

In Bloodlines, the second season finale, after testing the blood of some people from the Red Files, Jarod concludes that Mr. Lyle is one of the possible candidates for being Miss Parker's twin brother. Lyle is apparently detailed in the eighth red file, which is also about Miss Parker.

Later, Crazy (the third season premiere) reveals that Mr. Lyle is indeed Miss Parker's twin. He was separated from their parents at birth by Mr. Raines, who led them to believe the baby was stillborn. Raines then replaced Lyle in a foster home, where the child was given the name "Bobby Bowman". Season 2 episode Crash had already revealed some details of how Bobby's life with the Bowmans used to be. His abusive adoptive father, whose first name is Lyle, was one of Bobby's inspirations to create the "Mr. Lyle" persona.

As revealed in Crash, Raines reentered Bobby's life after the boy turned 15 and decided to spend more and more time with Bobby, influencing him in ways that caused his behavior to radically change. His behavior (if not personality) changed so much after meeting Raines that his adoptive parents tried to punish him numerous times. His father, who forced Bobby to call him "Mr. Lyle", would place Bobby in a shed the exact same size as a prison cell. However, Martha Bowman (Bobby's adoptive mother) is the woman who informed Miss Parker and Sidney of this. Since Mrs. Bowman showed evidence of not being completely sane (she was seen yelling and trying to feed dogs that were not there), it is possible that some parts of this story are not true.


Mr. Lyle's history with the Centre is somewhat murky. Despite his blood ties with the Parker family, when he was first introduced, it was not as a Parker, and he was given control seemingly over Miss Parker's team, hence the dislike that immediately flared between the two. Miss Parker was often inspired to thwart Lyle by sending him on wild goose chases (Flesh and Blood – Miss Parker: "Dance, puppet dance!") or simply not informing him of progress as he had requested him. In some episodes, it seemed Mr. Parker had a healthy fear-induced respect for him. Later though, Mr. Raines and Mr. Parker would plot to get Lyle in trouble and that's how he lost his thumb. (Episode: Past Sim)

Mr. Lyle is pure evil basically. It is not known why, except that most likely Raines had a lot to do with it. He tried to kill Jarod (Back From The Dead Again) and also tried to blow up both Miss Parker and Jarod, and there is evidence he murdered a number of people who were at a Centre office where he stole vital information and attempted to sell it to the highest bidder. He has also been accused of cannibalism, and killing several Asian women. These were possibly mail order brides (Someone to Trust). Men! Ordering women like they were snow tires. (Miss Parker) Family The paternal parentage of Mr. Lyle as well is Miss Parker is the subject of debate. He is Miss Parker's twin, that appears to be certain, and therefore also a sibling of Ethan, Jarod's half-brother.


Mr. Lyle has a tenuous relationship with his twin Miss Parker, forged by the evidence of their siblingship. He has a special relationship with Brigitte which causes much speculation on the paternity of her child, Baby Parker with an apparently infertile Mr. Parker.


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