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Personal Information
Gender Male
Ability Pretender
Acting Information
Actor Jeffrey Donovan
Zachary Browne (young Kyle)
First Appearance The Dragon House (Part 1)
Last Appearance Red Rock Jarod
Total Episodes 3

Kyle is a character portrayed by Jeffrey Donovan as adult and Zachary Browne as young Kyle.


Kyle (unknown last name) is Jarod's younger brother and a pretender. Like Jarod, he is also taken from his parents at a young age and raised by the Centre personnel, but unlike Jarod, he was raised to be a sociopath, in order to have someone, whose moral judgment would not be in the way to carry out different simulations and tasks. Jarod was Sydney’s project; Kyle in the other hand was Mr. Raines’ project. The role of young Kyle is played by Zachary Browne.


Kyle's parents are Margaret and Major Charles, and he has an older brother Jarod, younger sister Emily and a half-sibling Ethan. Kyle has never met his parents, although one of his assignments in The Dragon House was to unknowingly kill a friend of his parents. This is also the first time that Jarod and Kyle meet as adults. In the Centre they meet as Jarod demands to know what it feels like to have a friend and after seeing a glimpses of Kyle, wants to be friends with him. Their friendship is afterwards ruined by Mr. Raines who in a trust-based experiment


  • Jarod - Jarod and Kyle were friends a short time in the Centre.The friendship was ended by Mr. Raines who wilfully ruined their mutual trust-based assignment. They meet again in the world, when Jarod starts to hunt him, because he is an assassin.



I decide who lives or dies.

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