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Jon Gries
Jon Gries.jpg
Personal Information
Birth Name Jonathan Francis Gries
Birth Date June 17, 1957
Birth Place Glendale, California
Other names Jon Francis
Jonathan Gries
Character Information
Character Broots

Jon Gries is an American actor, writer and director who played Broots on The Pretender. Gries is also credited under the names Jon Francis and Jonathan Gries.


Jon is the son of the late writer, director, and producer Tom Gries and actress Mary Eleanor Munday. He also has a brother Cary Gries who is a film editor.


Jon got his start in acting at the age of 11 with the role in the Charlton Heston film Will Penny as Boy Horace.


Jon Gries has a new project, Another Man's Gun, an old-style Western he is set to direct, written by Derek M. Walker. A Kickstarter campaign that was launched for the movie, and has raised more than $40K is now offering new rewards to donors including memorabilia from The Pretender set. Jon recently took time off to chat with fans in SL-15, the chat room hosted at, where along with Steven Long Mitchell, Derek Walker and Craig W. Van Sickle, he attempted to answer some of the many questions posed about The Pretender and concerning the issue of Broots being featured in the new novels of The Pretender. A video of the chat meeting was shot and posted online. The chat transcript is available at Gries announced during the chat that he recently finished a movie called Faults with Leland Orser known to Pretender fans as the crazy Argyle from episodes Amnesia (or Unforgotten) and Cold Dick.


  • The role of techie which Gries plays as Broots in The Pretender was played by a female actor in the pilot episode thus Gries is not featured in the pilot but he appears in the second episode of Season 1.
  • Gries eats very little red meat.
  • One of Gries' favorite The Pretender episodes: Cold Dick (Source: ThePretenderCentre SL-15 Chat Transcript)

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