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Pretender/Profiler crossover

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May 8, 1999


Cynthia Saunders, Jason Cahill


Vern Gillum

Guest star(s)

Michael T. Weiss

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Atlanta, Georgia; Washington D.C.

Matching Pretender season

Season 3

Grand Master is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Profiler which first aired in May 8, 1999 on NBC in the United States. The episode is Pretender/Profiler crossover, that is preceded by an episode in the season three episode 19 of the Pretender, titled as End Game in which the saga starts.


The Grand Master lifts off, where the End Game stopped, both of the Joshua's are in prison and in a predetermined time they both wake up, face each other and bite through the cyanide pill hidden inside their teeth. In the morning VCTF comes to investigate and Sam calls to Jarod, regarding Bryce Banks. She believes that Bryce was brainwashed and tries to prove it, but with not much luck. The next day Bryce gets a letter inside of it is a picture of a hummingbird that serves as a trigger. The same night, when Bryce's father Phillip Banks, attempts to reconnect to he's son, Bryce's room explodes. It's later identified that Bryce wasn't inside.


As Sam does not trust Jarod, she lets George do a background search on him, he finds everything to be spot on perfect, even a bit too perfect, she is suspicious of he's overtime, or the complete lack of it. Sam confronts Jarod, who asks her to trust him, she figures out that Jarod was once abducted as well and he reveals a bit of he's past. It is shown that the Father is Ronald Dain, a former CIA researcher who lost he's son, Joshua, in an accident involving a project named

Jarod and Sam

"Hummingbird", that attempted to create supersoldiers through mind manipulations. As the project was erased after Dain's son's death, all the members got new identities. And now, Bryce Banks, or Joshua, who has amongst other skills PhD level skills in computer sciences, game theory and physics, he uses he's skills to hack into CIA database and to reveal the new identities of the men. Dain sends the first man to be killed by Joshua, with a bomb, but the boy does not know that he has done so until the explosion, the next two die through a car bomb, planted by Dain, and the last one, as the VCTF members discover (with a little inside help from Jarod) is Bryce's father Phillip. VCTF members stop that and although Bailey wants to get Phillip banks arrested, he get immunity for being in CIA payroll.

In the end George comes to Sam claiming to have some information concerning Jarod's family. When she visits Jarod's lair after that, she finds it to be empty.


Jarod pretends to be a Atlanta police detective Lt. Jarod Doyle.


George to Sam: And about your friend Jarod, I dug around a bit deeper and found some things about he's parents. It's safe to say that his name is not Doyle.

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