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Craig W. Van Sickle
Occupation Creator
Executive Producer
Birth Date October 12
Other names Craig Van Sickle

Craig W. Van Sickle, an executive producer, writer, director and the creator of The Pretender. He is also known and credited as Craig Van Sickle.

Current Projects

Craig is currently working with Steven Long Mitchell on the new series of The Pretender novels, as a first installment in the return of The Pretender in answer to fans' long-standing requests for a continuation of the series. The news of a return of The Pretender was first posted in an interview by Vania on The Pretender Facebook page in June, 2013. Both Craig and Steve also later did a series of video interviews conducted by Jenna Busch and posted on (and shared on Facebook/Twitter)  to give fans more details into what will be coming and answer some fans' questions.

The first novel signaling the return of The Pretender is called The Pretender: Rebirth (Book 1) was released on October 7th 2013. Craig and Steven recently attended the Comikaze convention and a transcript of their interview is available at Jarod's Safe House, another Centre Annex site. For all the latest news, fans are encouraged to stay connected to The Pretender creators' Facebook page.

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