Pretender/Profiler crossover

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February 5, 2000


Cynthia Saunders, Hans Beimler


Tim Hunter

Guest star(s)

Michael T. Weiss

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Atlanta, Georgia; Washington D.C.

Matching Pretender season

Season 4

Clean Sweep is a season four episode of Profiler which first aired in February 5, 2000 on NBC in the United States. The episode is Pretender/Profiler crossover, that is preceded by an episode in the season four episode 10 of the Pretender, titled as Spin Doctor in which the events begin.


The episode starts where the Pretender episode finished. The men, who were thought to be the culprits, Ellis Talbot and Gerard Linden, get strangled together. Rachel’s profile might include Jarod and Bailey suggests it, but Rachel defends him.

Clean sweep.jpg

Bailey is still suspicious and thinks, as before, that he is spooky. Rachel and Jarod meet and exchange information.

Emily Sadler gets buzzed from her friend in front of her building who then doesn’t come up, and is later found dead in the apartment building’s basement. She is sent to witness protection, but the man who gets her is in fact the presumably drowned guy, Todd Baxter, who makes the girl trust him instead of Jarod by making her believe that Jarod has taken her father in the intention to kill him and her as well.

Jarod works with the VCTF group, and lets on that he’ good in IT. George gives him the required IP address and he finds out in the nick of time who’s behind of it all, but fails to send the information to George, because Todd holds him at gunpoint. He sends Rachel a device that allows her to follow him, but the trace is quickly eliminated.

A kiss goodbye

The VCTF group saves Jarod and captures Todd Baxter. Jarod promises Rachel, that he will return.


Jarod pretends to be a secret agent (?) Jarod Wilkes.


Clean sweep kiss.jpg

Rachel (after the kiss): I don’t suppose that you could pretend that didn’t happen?

Jarod: I could pretend to do many things, but that would be pretty difficult.

Jarod (in the end): The next time we’re together, I’m going to tell you everything.

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