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Catherine Parker
Personal Information
Gender Female
Occupation Centre Personnel
Date of Death April 13, 1972
Acting Information
Actor Andrea Parker
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance The Pretender 2001


Born Catherine Jamison and married Mr. Parker. Mother of Miss Parker, Mr. Lyle and Ethan. Also involved with attempting to rescue the Pretender Project Children. She loved her daughter Miss Parker very much, and was distraught over the "loss" of her other twin baby (which, unknown to her, was still alive and well). She for odd reasons placed her trust in Mr. Raines when pregnant again, and even went as far as to have her last baby, Ethan, delivered by him. Her faith in him was misplaced though, as he executed her seconds after she gave birth.


Catherine Parker was born Catherine Elaine Jamison. She was raised by a nun and appears to have been well known by Harriet Tashman. Both Catherine and Harriet Tashman took off to have some fun at a lake when they were younger and Harriet fell into the lake, almost drowning but Catherine (who had been an expert swimmer) jumped in and saved her life. Later, Catherine met Mr. Parker and married him.


  • Miss Parker - Miss Parker is Catherine's daughter. They were very close until Catherine had to fake her death to secure her safety and her daughter's safety from The Centre PTB who did not take kindly to Catherine's attempts to save children from The Centre.
  • Mr. Parker - Mr. Parker is Catherine's husband. He also runs The Centre. Catherine and Miss Parker both trust him a little too much in the beginning but we see Miss Parker's trust in him break down with every betrayal. At the end of The Pretender: Island of the Haunted, there is a revelation of doubts as to the truth about her paternity that almost literally shatters all her trust.
  • Mr. Lyle - Catherine's son is the creepy Mr. Lyle who was taken by Mr. Raines at birth and given to be raised by a man named Mr. Lyle.
  • Ethan - Mirage is the project that spawns Ethan, half brother to both Jarod and Miss Parker, biological son of Major Charles and Catherine Parker. Miss Parker and Ethan share the gift of the "inner sense" inherited from Catherine.
  • Faith - Faith Parker is Catherine's adopted daughter and Miss Parker's adopted sister whom she only meets for a short while when Faith is brought to The Centre for treatment.


  • William Raines
  • Sydney
  • Jarod
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