Miss Parker Miss Parker 7 March 2014

Saving Luke official cover has been chosen & other news

The votes are in and have been tallied. Thanks to all the fans who participated in the voting! A cover has been selected in the Saving Luke Cover Poll.

The winning design is the one labeled B: Burnt...kinda reminiscent of the fire in SL-27, no?! We hear rumours of SL-1 burnout (no pun intended) from all the vote counting! Mr. Raines denies it of course. Now we eagerly await the release of Saving Luke, the next novel in The Pretender series.

  • Andrea Parker's birthday is tomorrow. Be sure to tweet a Happy Birthday message to her.
  • Congrats to the fans who have been selected to review Saving Luke (selected from those who posted reviews on Amazon.com for Rebirth) before the rest of the world gets to read it!
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Miss Parker Miss Parker 25 February 2014

Vote for Saving Luke official cover!

The time has come for fans to weigh in on cover art for Saving Luke, the next The Pretender novel. Click the link and cast your votes for your favorite designs! Deadline is March 5th. You can vote once every 24 hrs.


Mutumbo may say the Centre's not a democracy, but the voting for the SL cover design certainly is. Don't forget to share your vote after you have cast it with the graphics available at ThePretenderLives.com.

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 15 January 2014

Shorty Awards Nominations links

These are some direct links to help you submit nominations for tP cast/crew/fansites etc. Once you click the link, follow the three easy steps as numbered in the graphic above (red arrows) to submit your nomination.

Andrea Parker:




Or nominate Andrea in one of the many other categories:


Craig Van Sickle:





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Wanderer23 Wanderer23 15 January 2014

The Pretender Wiki current issue

It been brought to the attention of Christy and myself by some user or people off this wiki, regard issue of communication and control here. According issue someone wants to do thing there way and is slightly comes off a little hostile in tone. Also, no one post want it tell them that someone currently editing it.

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 11 January 2014

Shorty Awards Nominations for tP cast/crew

The Shorty Awards are now accepting nominations for 2014. This year, for the first time, we will be able to nominate tP cast/crew members who are on Twitter.

Please visit the forum and read the new post in the News and Announcements board: http://pretender.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:2833

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Miss Parker (talk) 01:03, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 8 January 2014

Chat with Jon Gries - January 18th, 2014 - 2pm PST

From ThePretenderLives.com: News has been posted of an upcoming chat with Jon Gries at ThePretenderLives.com chat room. Fans are being given an opportunity to post questions to Mr. Gries in advance of the chat (to be answered during the chat) through a special email address. Visit ThePretenderLives.com for details on the upcoming event, a special treat for fans of The Pretender.

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Christy32 Christy32 25 December 2013

Season Greetings to Pretenders fans

Hello Pretender fans, I want to wish you all a season's greetings from this admin. Have a safe holiday season, and I hope you get all you want this season and can't wait to see what Jarod up to next year (2014).

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Truly A Watcher Truly A Watcher 1 September 2013

We need SpoilerTV for The Pretender

I don't know if any of you know of the site Spoiler TV - The TV Spoilers Site that spoilers for the current and cancelled television show or movies plus book about shows or movies. We should get them spread The Pretender news too special about the pretender. I know they give information on cancelled tv series like Buffy, Angel or Firefly.

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 15 August 2013

Get the badge of honor for The Pretender fans

Fans can add a badge to their existing Facebook or Twitter profile photos to share and spread the word about Rebirth, the upcoming novel of The Pretender.

Visit this link while logged in (or use the links to log in with Facebook or Twitter if not logged in) and follow the simple instructions and don't forget to "finish cropping" to get the profile pic set on Facebook.With Twitter the badge is automatically set, no cropping required.

I believe there is a badge for websites, but am not sure how it can work for this wiki.

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Miss Parker Miss Parker 10 August 2013

Super secret project by Pretender fans

This message is for Pretender fans interested in a super secret project- deadline August 31st. The information is being shared in a private group on Facebook, however it can also emailed. If you are interested in participating, and are not on Facebook, check the FrustratedTpFans group where a message has been posted about the project. If you are following any The Pretender related twitter accounts (linked below) or are on Tumblr, you can message them to ask for information and you will be contacted with the details.

FrustratedTpFan Twitter

PretenderFans twitter

Vania Twitter

Tumblr announcement

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CCarolinee CCarolinee 14 June 2013

The Pretender...question...

Guys, since we know that PRETENDER LIVES and that it's gonna have some kind of future

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Christy32 Christy32 21 January 2013

New leadership here

Hello anyone, I wonder if anyone of you care that I adopted this wiki? I'm hope to reboot this wiki and created a great and better look wiki and make easy to contributed to and gathering information for another to know about the pretender.

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