The Pretender
Bazooka Jarod
  Season 1
Episode # 1.13
Airdate February 8, 1997
Writer(s) Juan Carlos Coto and Kimberly Costello
Director(s) James Whitmore, Jr.
Last name (s) Forrester
Location (s) Somewhere in the Pacific; Long Beach
Prison Story
Ranger Jarod
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Bazooka Jarod is the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Pretender which first aired February 8, 1997 on NBC in the United States.


Bazooka Jarod opens with a "previously on The Pretender" voiceover. Sydney and Miss Parker tracked Jarod's last whereabouts to a sewer system.

Miss Parker finds something interesting in the location where Jarod always emerged from the sewer right opposite South Delaware Children's Home, and investigates the children documented in the "Rescued" envelope she had received from Ben Miller.

Jarod pretends to be a naval Commander (Forrester) aboard the USS Monroe to uncover the truth about the death of a young engineer who had been killed because of what he knew and the incident blamed on a botched seal.



Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Kevin Patrick Walls as Petty Officer Mike Baker
  • Vic Polizos as Lieutenant Albert Danes
  • Jennifer Banko as Melina Pratt
  • Carol Huston as Lieutenant Paula Pratt

Featuring Stars (Cast)

  • Dorian Spencer as Sailor #1
  • David Kirkwood as Martin Caverly
  • Leonard Lightfoot as Reb McElroy
  • Scott Smith as Shore Patrol Officer
  • Erica Ortega as Dana Knox


  • Navy Lieutenant Commander
  • Sewer Worker


Miss Parker: Great! Now Jarod is Moses.

Miss Parker: Last time I checked, that was a Raines question.

Miss Parker: Is that a threat?

Sydney: A warning....from a friend.

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