Baby Parker
Personal Information
Gender Male
Acting Information
First Appearance 'Til Death Do Us Part

Baby Parker was a recurring character on The Pretender


Baby Parker was born to Brigitte, the operative who was first hired to kill Mr. Parker then later married him. Baby Parker was never given a name and was presumed to be fathered by Mr. Parker.


Baby Parker's mother is presumed to be Brigitte and his father presumed to be Mr. Parker. Based on these assumptions, and the assumptions of paternity of these other characters, he also is half-sibling of Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle. Miss Parker, at least claims him as family and cares about his well-being enough to attempt to protect him from Raines whom she thought had ulterior motives when Raines gave Baby Parker treatment with a gas to loosen his lungs so that Baby Parker would not suffer the same fate as Raines, so he claimed.

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