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Archibald "Argyle" Clements
Personal Information
Gender Male
Nicknames Argyle
Acting Information
Actor Leland Orser
First Appearance Amnesia
Last Appearance Cold Dick
Total Episodes 3

Argyle first appeared in The Pretender as a somewhat wacky character who rescues an injured Jarod and then holds him hostage in the Season 2 episode Amnesia. He takes the money from Jarod's wallet and tells him he was injured in a mugging, before proceeding to go through Jarod's belongings.

Though at the time Jarod himself had amnesia from the head injury he suffered at the top of the episode, and the ensuing confusion is compounded by his possession of many different identification cards. In the process, Argyle finds videos linking Jarod to the Centre, and eventually tries to sell him back to them, though Jarod escapes and foils this plan before it can come to fruition.

Argyle also appears in the Season 3 episode Unsinkable, where he contacts Jarod by placing a variety of newspaper ads across the eastern seaboard, and the Season 4 episode Cold Dick. Throughout this, we learn more of his past and motivations, including the death of his mother in 1998 and his desire to send his father to Vatican City to see the Pope. Jarod starts out feeling sorry for Argyle, but through the course of Unsinkable begins to see him as a genuine friend, and even monologues as much after he discovers Argyle laminated a photo of Jarod's mother for him as a gift.

Argyle isn't your typical villain, even in his first appearance, and it's possible Jarod saw the potential for goodness in him early on. Argyle took good care of his dog, which he had rescued from the pound and named "Dog", and he also displayed concern for Jarod's well-being throughout the beginning of Amnesia, even if his motivations were selfish. He also tried to raise money to send his father to visit the Pope, even if his means were less than perfect.