Personal Information
Gender Male
Nicknames CJ (Craker Jack)
Ability Empath
Alive / Roaming through The Centre
Acting Information
Actor Paul Dillon
Jake Lloyd (young Angelo/Timmy)
First Appearance The Better Part Of Valor
Last Appearance The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Angelo is a character portrayed by Paul Dillon


Angelo (unknown last name) is a child who was brought to The Centre at a very young age. His real first name is Timmy. He was friends with Miss Parker and Jarod growing up in The Centre. Due to one of Dr. Raines' early attempt at creating a pretender using him, an experiment that failed, he exhibits now a sponge-like empathic power to absorb personality data on others and ceased to be his former self. In the words of Angelo, himself, (episode: F/X) "No more Timmy."

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