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Andrea Parker
Personal Information
Birth Name Andrea Nicole Parker
Birth Date March 8, 1970
Birth Place Monterey County, California, USA
Occupation Actress
Notable roles Miss Parker on The Pretender
Lydia (Less Than Perfect)
Jane (Desperate Housewives)
Jessica DiLaurentis / Mary Drake (Pretty Little Liars)
Character Information
Character Miss Parker (main character)
Catherine Parker (supporting character)

Andrea Parker is American actress and former ballet dancer.

She's best known for her role as both Miss Parker and her mother Catherine Parker in The Pretender, and as Lydia on Less Than Perfect.


Andrea began ballet training at age 6 and at age 15 she joined a professional dance company. She quit her career in ballet after three years of touring and trained to become an actress while working as a bartender. Her first documented film role was at age 19 in the movie  Rented Lips in which she played a dancer/nurse. Her first speaking role was in the Seinfeld episode, The Contest.



  • Andrea likes to target shoot, go horseback riding and does stunt driving.
  • She is the eldest of 4 children.
  • She is 5' 10".
  • Her nickname is Andi.
  • She was married to her long time boyfriend, the late Jim Powers.
  • She is a Kid Rock fan.
  • Remarried in August 2007 to Michael Birnbaum.
  • She played in Desperate Housewives as Jane Carlson like James Denton who played Mike Delfino.

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